Outdoor activities

In cooperation with Hiawatha actief we organise fun outdoor activities. Fun to do with friends, family, colleagues, your sports club or other group. Of course you can stay overnight in our group accommodation and enjoy a lunch, drinks or BBQ in our Pavilion.

You can choose from the following activities:

  • Boat trip with Party and Barbecue Boat The Vechtvaarder

Make a wonderful boat trip with this cosy barge, equipped with a nice round seat on the aft deck and inside is a tastefully furnished lounge with bar. When the weather is nice, the roof comes off and the boat is completely open, so everyone can enjoy the sun and the beautiful landscape that passes by.
Suitable for approx. 60 (18 people who are 1.5 metres distance). The boat is equipped with toilet and heating and can be rented for a group, including skipper and bar mate.

  • Luxury longboat Blauwvinger

The sturdy longboat the Blauwvinger has a cosy round seat with soft cushions and offers room for 35 people (6 people at 1.5 distance). There is a toilet on board and hot air heating under the seats. Lovely for chilly evenings. Even rain is no problem, because then the hood of the boot will be deployed. You hire the longboat with a group including skipper.

  • Dragon Boat Riding: Spectacle on the water!

If you are a bit more into action, then the dragonboat is for you. The helmsman keeps the boat on course and the drummer indicates the rhythm, while the 16-strong crew paddles to the beat. Working well as a team creates strength and speed. Fantastic team building! Can also be done as a clinic and competition with several boats. Which team will cross the finish line first over a distance of 200 metres?

  • Building with bamboo

Cooperation is the code word. Which team will build the highest construction with bamboo sticks and elastic? An impressive structure is created in a short space of time. The Pyramid: Every team builds small pyramids. By knotting these together, a giant pyramid is created. The trick now is to lift this enormous construction from the ground together. Is the basis strong enough?

  • Hand archery

During the instruction you learn how to use a professional handbow. Everyone can learn it! But who will be the first to hit the bull's eye?

  • Geocaching

Armed with GPS you go in teams on the hunt for the treasure. Discover the beautiful surroundings of the Vechtdal from waypoint to waypoint. The coordinate where the treasure is hidden can be obtained by answering the questions correctly. What do you think is in the chest?

  • The Battle

Teams compete against each other on various tests. Cooperation is the code word. Does your team have nerves of steel to solve the puzzle? Are there enough brains to make a good water system? Steady enough for the balance test? And what about fitness for the endurance test? Which team will be able to pass all the tests? Only then will you win The Battle!

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