Whether you like a brisk walk with many kilometres to cover or whether you prefer to take it easy and enjoy nature. In our Vechtdal in Overijssel there is a lot to do. We have some great tips for you:

Kromme Kolkpad
Directly from the campsite you can follow the 3.5 km 'Kromme Kolkpad'. This walk will take you along the Vecht, along the Kromme Kolk and over the embankment. You will walk past the Sculpture Garden at the Anningahof Estate, over the Berkumer bridge and over Hesden roads which were once used by large carts of German merchants. Dogs are not allowed on this route, not even on a lead.

The Pirate Trail
With children it is great fun to follow the pirate trail of approx. 3 km in the Laarbos in Ommen. At the petting zoo in Ommen, you can buy a backpack with fun items and questions that you can use along the way. After the walk, you can visit the petting zoo at the same time.

Archemerberg route
This route takes you over 12.5 km of unpaved footpath on the flanks of the Archemerberg and the Lemelerberg. Enjoy the beautiful nature and heaths along the way.

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